Monday, February 2, 2009

windows is doing fine shooting itself - leave linux alone

was going to make an image about shooting mafia style, but this is gangsta enough for me... congrats, cobra commander. [ image courtesy of ]

Microsoft blames netbook appeal, marketing costs for Windows drop
January 22nd, 2009
"Many netbooks cannot run Vista, due to its higher resource requirements.
It is more about the growing percentage of netbooks, for which Microsoft is collecting some amount less-per-copy for Windows than it does with full-fledged notebooks and PCs."
clear, concise and to the point. a smart article. then there's this one:
Windows kicks Linux to the curb
January 25th, 2009
my first thoughts about this guy was that he just wanted to get the linux fan boys enthusiast all revved up. because, if you cut the first paragraph of this smart-@$$ article puff piece it would have seem a bit more sensible like the first one. but noooooo, he had to be a f#ck tard unprofessional about it.

so i would like to challenge that guy to answer if microsoft's FUD machine and sharks didn't have anything to do to derail the efforts for selling a simple and competitive product that just happens to not have windows installed. (here's a hint:)
Microsoft Antitrust: “The Linux Threat on the Desktop” (2006) and Predatory Response
01.22.09 (a few days before his article... dumb @$$ guess he wasn't keeping an eye on the interweb)
how about noting that vista's successor will be released in less than half the shelf live of its predecessor. or about things like this is still happening:
People Buying Used PCs for Salvage Copies of Windows XP
Dec 1 2008

let's put that aside and look at some more microsoft goodies.
Microsoft files pay-per-use PC patent
Dec 29, 2008
and a few days later:
Microsoft pay-as-you-go patent application rejected
Jan 2nd 2009
good thing this isn't a patent. (the patent office was open over new years day?) yet, there are posts that are actually in support of it. wtf wow.
Microsoft's Metered PC Idea Is Not Greedy. In Fact, It's Almost Brilliant
December 30, 2008
i don't know where you buy PC's for $1300 now a days. or why, when that's nearing Apple's territory... MS will sell it at $450? you can get that now at nearly any electronic box stores! and Dell always has fantastic laptop on sales with tricked out specs at rock bottom deals. here's a sale MicroCenter just had: $1299 Core 2 Duo, 2GB, 160GB, superdrive, 13.3" MacBook. yup. a MAC.

oh!!! i get it now. that guy was writing, "it's brilliant for Microsoft to convince people to not buy MACs and instead buy a PC with windows on it which will cost you $50 a month. and in 4-6 years time, you've just paid $2400-$3600 for that $450 PC." (btw, those are his numbers too.)

watta bargain. stupid @$$. not very cost effective if you ask me.

i guess you can't fault microsoft looking for new revenue sources. so how about one more for the road:
Microsoft's new vision: a computer in every... coffee maker?
January 12, 2009
yup, they are doing fine. windows is only good enough to power your coffee maker. you'll need to pay a yearly license to use it now. unless they forget to update their own certificate.