Friday, May 1, 2009

side of bacon with pork chops, please

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bacon blew up on the scene with the bacon suit, bacon scented or flavored this and that, bacon salt, bacon haikus, bacon weave, and bacon kevin.

so what's one way to stop the bacon craze?

make it a health hazard! and if you really want to loose your appetite for hog, check out this Rolling Stone's article:
Boss Hog
Dec 14, 2006
but, seriously. i'm sure you've all seen by now how the swine flu numbers are tiny compared to motor vehicular fatalities or homicides or even smoker, cancer, heart attacks, etc.

yet, this panic attack has gripped the nation -- when basic preventive steps are only needed, which are essentially the same thing for every other common disease/virus - wear protection, wash your hands and don't eat $#!t that isn't clean (unless you like having dysentery).
Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic – Fact or Fiction?
Apr 29th, 2009

1976: Fear of a great plague

(Motor) Fatality Analysis Reporting System Encyclopedia
damn, motorcycle fatality rate is going up... better be more careful out there...

The Disaster Center (US) Crime Rates
look under "MURDER" for mortality rates
scroll to the bottom of this link to find your state!

anyways, getting back to the meat of this post. since there isn't any news to "shock" the nation into fearing something, the powers that be were using my latest invention to figure out what to blast over the airwaves next.

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this magic highly scientific piece of equipment will figure out what's this season's flavor flav. the cool part of this is: it has a string you pull to pick another one.

and now, something else from my childhood that would be worthy of this robot-chicken-esk article.

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welp, the video game project i'm working on is almost done. so i will be able to get back to writing my bi-monthly blog posts. a bit of re-visiting some of my past predictions, a bit of what the h*l! are these companies thinking, a guess into what's in the future and who knows what else!