Thursday, April 19, 2012


Subject: advergaming

  • note: originally emailed 04/19/2012 and sanitized for public consumption
  • sidenote: posting here so i can lead people here whenever they ask me about this stuff...

Just a comment (or my ramblings) on advergaming in general:

Advergaming has been kicked around a lot a few years ago when every ad agency wanted to get in on the console market.

The best example of a very successful execution was the burger king games:

The Magnum ice cream ‘advergaming’ is an interesting one.
  • The game was actually quite easy to (get into and) play.
  • The scrolling through the many ‘random’ web sites is also ‘nice’.
  • But, I think I would get tired of playing this and in fact, I would only play it once.
  • I actually tried playing again to see if I can click on any of the ‘websites’ you were running across to see if the links were live.
    • They were not.
    • This is where I think they fell a little sort of.
    • You would think they the pages you would run across would be dynamically changeable/updated.  This made the game ‘old’ really fast. 

It’s a good start…

However, [here's an] example [I'd like to bring up]:  a live page with clickable links and everything ‘real’ – is way more effective, you don’t play this, but it is based on a game and is something similar to ‘outside of the box interactions’:

From: [colleague]
Subject: advergaming

Building off of last week’s brainstorm on creating a value proposition to entice transitional players with social/casual content I thought I’d share this interesting game/ad.

the simple interaction of right left arrow and space is augmented with changing background content (advertising content) that itself becomes interactive in different ways.  Magnum ice cream is turning what had been a cost (advertising) into a rev stream (others advertisers paying them - assumedly) to be content in their game.

I’ve never heard of Magnum ice cream, but I’ll look for it now. This is one area they could have improved this content: they should’ve worked their distribution channels into the content so I’d know where to look for their product.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your group’s deliverable next week.