Sunday, October 18, 2009

Captured! By Robots

yesterday, i went to see a show. a one man -- er, one meat bag band. i see a few others, but don't normally go out of my way to watch em unless i know the members directly. like the band my brother's in [ ZeroStars ] or the ones a few of my buddies are in [ Even Bigger ] and days past [ Skagina ].

but yesterday's show was interesting. normally, music to me is like TV. i can either watch it while learning something new, leave it running on the background if it's not that important for my undivided attention or skip it while trying to find something i like. let me rephrase that. music to me is:
  • not my salvation
  • doesn't compel me to save the { flavor of the day }
  • help feed { some kind of meat bags }
  • or move me to { tears or rise against the masters}
the news in general does that quite nicely for me. (although, i do need to get some of that overseas to get the full picture...)

so, it was ironic when i watched the movie "Almost Famous" and remembered the line:
"They don't even know what it is to be a fan. Y'know? To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts."
Sapphire - Almost Famous
it was at this moment, that it dawned on to me that some people (crazy music fans) think like this. it seemed that this also applies to sports, games, cars, whatever. i just never thought of it in terms as the center of the universe.

anyways, back to the show. i was asked if it was a life changing experience. "uh....", i started. that's was when i forgot about how music people thinks.

i mean, really, the show was vastly different from the ones i have seen before and was more interested in antics, gizmos and gadgets than the songs. but i was happy. happy when meat bag said, "doing covers is the new punk" - happy when donkey kong (or some kind of motor-vational ape) was on stage - and happy when DRMBOT-0110 was doing 256th (could have been 29 for all i know). it also seemed that GTRBOT-666 was only using one string for bass - but was not as pretty or as head-banging with long flowing blond hair and other generous sized proportions as the bassist (forgive me for not remembering your band's name...) who played before them.

while i'm more about video games than anything lately -- i really didn't care about the beatles rockband game announcement earlier this year:
Beatles to re-release catalog alongside The Beatles: Rock Band
Apr 8th 2009
but totally dig this music video - video games related music video:

via: 07.11.2009
Attack of the Show celebrates 1,000 shows

doh... i still want to hate that channel... or, is it time forgive...