Friday, February 22, 2008

blu-ray bonus/live update problems for early adopters

there's some good info in the following thread about the wacky blu-ray features coming up that's getting all kinds of people's panties in a bunch. this one is about the "Blu-ray Disc Live" feature on internet enabled bluray players which will allow dynamic content updates during the menu screens or "bonus content" featurettes. in other words, "newer" or more "current" movie trailers will be shown instead of the ones cut into the disc during pressing. or additional bonus (or ads) content can be downloaded and viewed to supplement the audience current offerings.

in any case, as long as i can watch the bonus content just like as if i do not have the bluray box plugged into the network, that's all i want. if i am forbidden to watch any the bonus features unless the box is online -- then f#%k it, guess i won't be watching it. just one more reason to get it DRM free so i can watch it how i like it. unencumbered, convenient and less aggravating.

how many of you like to sit during the FBI and Interpol warning screens every time you pop in a new disc. or raise your hand if you also like the fact that you can't fast forward the trailers and stuff before you are ever shown the menu screen.

every time i see that or when i try to use my DVD remote and it always shows "this function is prohibited" -- i remember to keep my EFF donations going.

    "I don't care about what anything was DESIGNED to do,
    I care about what it CAN do."

    Gene Kranz
    from the movie of: Apollo 13

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On January 14, 2008 12:59 PM Devon S. wrote:
Subject: The Death of HD-DVD?

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On Jan 14, 2008 1:45 PM, Kurt M. wrote:
Subject: The Death of HD-DVD?

yeah, thats been what the problem with bluray is. hd dvd forced manufacturers to have ethernet capability and bluray did not
- Kurt

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On Jan 15, 2008, at 4:30 AM, Nick Shin wrote:
Subject: The Death of HD-DVD?

this is a problem like if someone _doesn't_ have broadband access -- not an issue.

will hd dvd players break if there is no internet access like the ill-fated divx fiasco?

the fact that blue ray didn't have ethernet on earlier models will just mean that you will not get live updates on some disc that you pop in your player every 6 months (if that...).

remember when the std def DVD players came out and it was only single layer -- i think blix had one of those... =)

i think that kind of change is more of a "what the hell" than this ethernet requirement. the stupid US telcos also have one of the slowest broadband rates in the world. so i don't think this is a big enough issue. BUT I WANT FASTER BROADBAND ACCESS!!! (is definitely a bigger issue, at least for me it is...)

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On Tuesday 15 January 2008 20:34:19 Mike S. wrote:
Subject: The Death of HD-DVD?

From "The Consumerist" article:

    "So here's how it's going to work: current players are Profile 1.0, and can play future hi-def discs but no bonus stuff. Profile 1.1 dics will include additional bonus material that won't play on 1.0 players— these discs will have a "Bonus View" sticker. Come October, Profile 2 capability will come to the market, which includes Internet activity, but only on Profile 2.0 players—these discs will have a "BD Live" sticker."

You'll always be able to play the movie. The bonus stuff is what is at risk.

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On January 15, 2008 8:05 PM Robert M. wrote:
Subject: The Death of HD-DVD?

actually it IS a big issue if when you want to watch a new movie you have to update the firmware on your player... sounds pretty annoying...

but whatever...i don't care. go blu-ray. but i'm not buying one till the firmware becomes more stable (i don't think.... everyone knows i like impulse purchases) :)

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On Wednesday 16 January 2008 09:30:48 Mike S. wrote:
Subject: The Death of HD-DVD?

From wikipedia "Blu-ray disc":

    "On November 1, 2007,the Grace Period Profile was superseded by "Bonus View" as the minimum profile for new players released to the market.[61] With the exception of the PlayStation 3, profile 1.0 players cannot be upgraded to be Bonus View compliant.[62] On December 17, 2007, the PlayStation 3 became Bonus View 1.1 compliant through PlayStation 3 System Software version 2.10.[63]

    When software authored with interactive features dependent on "Bonus View" hardware capabilities are played on profile 1.0 players some features may not be available or may offer limited capability. *Profile 1.0 players will still be able to play the main feature of the disc, however.*[64]"

I'm using these sources because I too do not have first hand experience with this. Everything I've seen says that every Blu Ray player out there should be able to play the movie itself. Now, if some manufacturer has buggy firmware for their product that prevents the movie from playing, I would say it a problem specific to that manufacturer, not the Blu-Ray standard.
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this is my last post on this bluray stuff... unless something incredible happens that needs to be mentioned -- such as a bluray player that will teleport you a sandwich.

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