Friday, March 14, 2008

xbox360 + bluray player = not gonna happen

there is no reason for the xbox 360 to come out with a blu-ray drive. yeah, it came out (later) with an HD-DVD drive add-on, but no one was buying the HD-DVD drive to play movies with it. if you did, then you would have helped to push the numbers of HD-DVD discs selling off the shelves. but since the numbers shows that blu-ray titles are outselling HD-DVD, you didn't. (search for "hd-dvd bluray outselling" in your favorite search engine and then figure out which results you would believe in.)

NO game was ever made to take advantage of the HD-drive. in fact, it's not allowed by microsoft (search for "hd-dvd 360 game"). video game development needs to target the base model that every gamer will have -- a DVD-9 with no harddrive pizza box.

but, if i had to guess when there will be a blu-ray drive xbox system, it'll be at the end of 2009. what makes me say this? currently, microsoft is running on a 4 year life cycle on their xbox line. let's take a look at some past history.

nintendo has about a 5 year period between each console: (wikipedia)

 nes: fall/winter 1990
n64: summer/fall 1996
gc: summer/fall 2001
wii: fall/winter 2006

sony has about a 6 year period between each console: (wikipedia)
 ps1: winter 1994
ps2: spring 2000
ps3: fall 2006

and microsoft has released their xbox like this: (wikipedia)
 xbox: fall/winter 2001
360: fall/winter 2005

so, in the span of one playstation product release, there has been two xbox products. this should piss off a lot of gamers if they finally sit down and do the math for owning 2 xbox consoles for every 1 playstation. but, for some people, the newer the better. right?

and then there's this article:
Unreal Engine 4 to "exclusively target" next-gen consoles

it makes me believe there's a new xbox under development for something like this to be even remotely mentioned about. the sony and nintendo shout outs were just a cover for the "we are working on a new engine for the next xbox" statement. i bet that by the time unreal engine 4 is about to be released, so will the xbox 3/720/me/vista/fill-in-your-flavor-here...

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