Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mmmmmm, BBQ, aaarrrggguuuhhh

so, i happen to see a cooking video on youtube via one of my RSS feeds. one thing lead to another and all of the sudden, i was watching "how to cook this and that" for hours. and since BBQ is the quintessential combination of all things awesomeness - food, fire, friends and family (just be sure to know which recipe goes where) - i thought i share some of my favorite yums.

it all started with [ Maangchi ] - in korean it means [ hammer ] - making one of my favorite eats [ Job Chae ] (Korean stir fried noodles and vegetables).

oh, but what's this? how to make: Sweet and crispy chicken wings ("dak kang jung")

OMG! it's almost like my most favorite dish in the world ("Hot & Saucy Chicken Wings) from the [ Great Sea Chinese Restaurant ] here in Chicago... i can just taste it and smell it while writing this... DAMN IT!!! it's sooo good... if you happen to go there, i would also recommend:
  • "Three Sea Spicy Noodle Soup" (a.k.a Jampong)
  • "MaPo Tofu" (Hot & Spicy Tofu)
  • "Seven Seas Jja Jang Myun" (noodles with blackbean sauce) and make sure it's "seven seas" -- 'cause they have a smaller regular "Jja Jang Myun"

anyways, back to BBQ's. so then i run into this guy's youtube channel: the [ BBQ Pit Boys Show ]. a few of his early vids just does "fill in your favorite bbq sauce here". but it does get better with actual recipes, times and step by step info. here's a fun one: BBQ Chicken Recipe Beer Can Barbecue

some of my other favs are:
indirect grilling:
something a little random:

i mean, really, who doesn't?

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