Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Git branch naming

Subject: Git branch naming

  • note: originally emailed 10/30/2013 and sanitized for public consumption
  • sidenote: posting here so i can lead people here whenever they ask me about this stuff...

Sent by XXX:
> One thing I was thinking about since we are going to start using
> branches a lot more is that we start labeling branches versus tags. Say
> something like….'feature-branch' or 'feature-B' and
> 'ZZZ-1.1-T' or ZZZ-1.9-release'. This way it is easier to see
> which branches are tags and which branches are tags for release.

Don’t confuse a branch with a tag.

A tag is a ref like any other:
git checkout -b branchname tag

Which is a shortcut for
git branch branchname tag
git checkout branchname

“You cannot checkout a tag.”


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