Monday, May 19, 2008

air force wants a botnet?

Preparing for cyber warfare: US Air Force floats botnet plan - may 12 2008

Air Force Colonel Wants to Build a Military Botnet - may 12 2008

in both of those articles, they kinda missed a very important point that piling a bunch of computers to run DDoS attacks isn't the most efficient way to do this. however, a pile of routers on the other hand...

first, let's say that the attacks are foreign -- the best course of action is to take control of the routers that are the gatekeepers for all communication lines to inside the states. this step is much easier to do if carnivore is already installed on the routers. if carnivore is not installed, commandeer them via a root kit. contact "ted" at NSA to enable the tube. if they ask if you are an AT&T customer, respond "yes".

Rootkits on routers threat to be demoed - may 15th 2008

reconfigure the routers for firewall duty and done, you are able to fend off any inbound attacks.

to initiate the attacks, reconfigure the routers to generate network traffic with your method of destruction. search for "DDoS types" in your favorite "the google" if you need examples. you don't need an army of computers. just one misbehaving router. preferably one that's closer to the source/target of the attack.

now, if the attacks originate stateside, the defensive option should only used. do not launch any DDoS offensive in this case. the president may be inadvertently knocked off the internet while reading those missing emails.

if hacking routers proves to be too difficult, look into placing your own pre-hacked routers the old fashion way:

FBI looks into fake Cisco kit - may 12 2008

i the armed forces.

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