Tuesday, May 13, 2008

multi CPUs GPUs and Cells, Oh My!

a few weeks ago, i wrote the GPU is the new CPU and then ran into these little nuggets of goodness:

ASUS Creates Upgradeable Graphics Cards

Linux-friendly SBC hosts dual quad-core Xeons

a CPU-centric board and a GPU-centric board -- just the way i wanted! not quite what i had envisioned, but slap these on an industrial backplane like this one and there you have it:

will it work? i have no idea -- but i am willing to try if someone would send me these items... =)

ah, this brings back memories of carrier boards and those ginormous "compact" PCI mini-fridge size chassis back in the day. except this time, i can probably fit these boards inside a shoe box, i.e. shuttle-sized. although, i'll have to get a backplane that has all the slots on one side like the PBPE-06A364. but if there's a 1U backplane available, then i can fit it in a pizza box!

and finally, will the CELL processor become the third major player in the video graphics arena? forth, if you count intel... oh, snap!

Toshiba to ship laptops with Cell-based GPUs this year

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