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[ containers ]

Subject: [ containers ]
12/17/2012 06:21 PM

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  • sidenote: posting here so i can lead people here whenever they ask me about this stuff...

XXX mentions this way up the [internal] thread:
  • "we see open systems that move away from the monolithic closed stack (old way of delivering transactional systems) as the way forward." ...
  • "we see products such as the [abc] product converging with [xyz] POS solutions that allow us to extend our networks to open new and interesting sales channels (and other services such as promotions/advertising). it is a really exciting time."

I like the direction this is going.

It is no secret for my absolute disdain for VMware and those type of giant images (monolithic -- full OS on an image).  Don't get me wrong -- I love LIVE distros (very flexible -- more importantly, runs on the bare metal) -- I just hate full blown 'images' that runs in a VM (too slow).

That said, projects like the docker *IS* the future of server/[software deployment] (fast and easy).  <snip>

(Update: TODO: add link to unikernel post)

Here are some links for the OpenStack environment:

Sent: 12/17/2012 06:21 PM
Subject: [ server 1 & server 2]

Wow, it took about 2 hours to dance with vmware.

I would like to re-iterate my absolute detestation for OS-level virtual-machines.

In fact, just like my prediction of [xyz] going away -- I am going to say by the time we hand off [abc], it will NOT be a VMware image.

(I could NOT believe how LONG it took to make windows [change from] a static IP to dynamic and vice versa -- did this on the DB VM and was shocked at how long it took windows [on vmware] to complete that task -- it was faster to reboot the [image] instead of waiting for it to complete [the manual change over].)


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